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Our Purpose

To Promote

Promote professional competency, efficiency, and to partner members and others associated with, and concerned about, student assistance programs

To Foster

Foster the development, improvement, and extension of educational opportunities for TRiO eligible persons

To Provide

Provide for improved communication between institutions and agencies sponsoring student assistance programs

To Commit

Foster a commitment to develop bold and innovative educational programs designed to provide opportunities for eligible participants to initiate, continue or resume secondary and/or post-secondary education

To Educate

Promote and provide individual and cooperative studies, research, workshops, seminars, conferences, effective models and related activities to fulfill the purposes of the association.

To Maintain Data

Develop, maintain, and disseminate data pertinent to resolving issues to all bona fide participants and officials of student assistance programs

To Participate

Participate in ethical efforts geared to guarantee all membership equal rights, privileges, and benefits

Number of Projects


  • 79

  • 5

    Educational Opportunity Centers
  • 14

    Educational Talent Search
  • 3

    McNair Scholars
  • 24

    Student Support Services
  • 24

    Upward Bound


“Being a part of ETS, TRiO, and therefore ODSA has allowed me the opportunity to achieve my dreams. I am so proud to be a TRiO alumnae.”

Tori Gleaves

ETS - Northeastern State University

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