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What they say about us?

“The barriers I have encountered began with financial barriers. Veterans Upward Bound helped me to find out about VA Education Benefits and how I could access those benefits. VUB provided academic and other supportive services that allowed me to prepare for and enroll at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. VUB coordinated with SOSU’s Educational Opportunity Center and Student Support Services Programs to provide me with all the tools necessary to prepare me and assist me in starting to college.”

John Williams, VUB

East Central University

“TRiO definitely gave me an edge in college. It introduced me to so many new people, which made me feel welcome as a freshman. With the college prep that Upward Bound provided me with, I wasn’t near as nervous as I would have been without it. TRiO means a head start. I am so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful program.”

Daniel Cranfield

UBMS – Carl Albert State College

“The Educational Opportunity Center has helped me become who I am today. They assisted me with completing my GED. Then onto enrolling at SOSU. They assisted with admissions and financial aid. Things I had never heard of and had no idea how to complete. They taught me how to overcome obstacles while staying strong. No matter how bad I wanted to give up, they were there to encourage me. They taught me coping skills. I can’t say enough about how important TRiO is and what it has meant to saving my life and the lives of my children and grandchildren.”

Angela Owings

EOC – Southeastern Oklahoma State University

“My TRiO program has given me the opportunity to be able to make connections on campus therefore it has allowed me to broaden my network of people and become more involved. This program has also given me my own personal mentor. It has provided me with the ability to apply for certain scholarships that I may not have received without this experience. This program is filled with encouraging and caring people who always want to see you succeed. I loved being on Educational Talent Search and can not say thank you enough for the opportunity.”

Rebecca Walsh

TS, Northeastern State University

The EOC Counselor assisted me with all aspects of beginning my college career and I am most thankful for the support in understanding the financial aid process and paperwork. With TRiO’s continued support, I do believe it will be possible for me to receive my accounting degree, which I wasn’t for sure my first day on the college campus. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the amazing program. You have truly changed my life.

Lori Nightingale

EOC - Tulsa Community College

“The Student Support Services isn’t the typical program that simply “teaches” or “lectures” you on how to be a better student or how to get better grades; they target areas for improvement and work with you to develop them. The Student Support Services is consistently seeking new ways to help students succeed academically and as individuals whether it is by offering tutoring, workshops, providing a quiet study space or simply by advising and listening to members.”

Cynthia Bejar

SSS – Oklahoma State University

“To me I believe TRIO means leaving no one behind. I’ve never been the kind of person to get involved with anything, but with TRIO I am able to experience a lot of important things that I’ve never experienced before. I’m looking forward each day to go on a journey with TRIO! The advantages of participating in a TRIO program is to always giving it your best shot at what you do, especially if you’re trying to reach your goal.”

Mai Vang

Upward Bound – Tulsa Community College

“TRiO programs, specifically the McNair Scholars program, have helped me excel academically by providing both financial and social support. As a first-generation student, I have to work part-time to afford my education, and the stipends I receive through McNair for doing research have allowed me to attend college without taking out student loans. The support of this program has allowed me to excel academically by maintaining a 4.0 cumulative GPA, conducting graduate-level research, and providing funding and resources for me to present my research at conferences.”

Natalie Dickson

McNair – University of Oklahoma

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