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ODSA Call for Moderators

This is a call for moderators for the 2015 ODSA Annual Conference being held in Tulsa, OK from March 30-April 1. We are looking for a group of devoted volunteers to keep the conference running smoothly.
As a moderator, your responsibilities will include: attending a brief moderator orientation, meeting the speaker before the session, introducing the speaker during the session, keeping the session running on time, asking for questions from the audience,
and handing out/collecting session evaluations. To serve as moderator, complete this form.

Your role as moderator is an important one to making the sessions run smoothly for the speaker as well as the participants. Please consider volunteering to serve as a moderator. Your service will be greatly appreciated.

Please respond by Friday, March 6, 2015.

If you have questions, please contact Robyn Bryan at
rbryan@mail.snu.edu or (405)717-6296.


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